Rainy Day Activities for Kids – Part 2

Rainy Day Activities for Kids

   Rainy Day Activities for Kids – Plastic Cup Ornament

Most of the rainy day activities for kids are crafts or activities that can be done with basic items laying around the house.

This specific rainy day activity requires the following items:

  • A white or clear plastic cup
  • Colored markers for decorating the cup
  • Scissors (for the adult).

Let your child simply use the markers to color the cup any way they wish. When they are done, the adult supervisor should cut the top rim off of the cup, then turn it upside down (so the bottom is facing upward), and place on a lined cookie sheet (parchment paper should work). WIth the oven on 350 degrees, simply place the cookie sheet inside and watch the cups melt down into ornament disks!

Be sure to keep an eye on them – this whole process takes less than 10 minutes (in my oven, anyway – yours may be different). Here is the finished product:

Finished Plastic Cup Ornament

                 Finished Plastic Cup Ornament

Once your ornament is finished, you may want to cut a small hole (adults only, please!) in the very top so you can slip some string or ribbon through, tie it off, and Whaaaah Laaaah! You now have your kiddo’s personalized plastic ornament. Give it a try and share how yours turned out in the comments below!


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