Because I frequently get asked where to obtain “this” or “that”, I wanted to put together a list of resources of some of the tools I use to run my business. I will never recommend anything I haven’t used personally or had a positive experience with, myself! Because I believe in full transparency, I will also share that I am an affiliate for some of the items listed below. This just means that, at no additional cost to you, if you choose to purchase through my link, I may receive a small commission. In fact, in some cases, by using my link you get a slight discount. Most importantly, I won’t affiliate with products I don’t believe in or use myself, and this list is full of the items that I am currently using to run my business.

Image Creation

The Logo Creator costs about $37. I love this software because, unlike the free ones, this one comes with a variety of copy-right-free images that you can use, reuse, manipulate, and modify however you like. Some of the free ones allow you to buy images, but you can only use them within 24 hours before having to purchase them again. This is a one-time purchase, which is why I love it!

Logo Creator add-ons, Facebook timeline, and People Paks – While there are several add-on options (which means, more re-useable images), these are the two that I find myself using most, especially the People Pak.

Canva – Free tool for creating images for a variety of uses. Fees apply if you want to purchase photos, though, and are only good for use within 24-hours. After that, you have to buy the image again. Each image is only $1.00.

Web Hosting

Bluehost is a reliable and very reasonably priced web host and supports WordPress (which is what I use). Go through Bluehost FIRST – it comes with a free domain name (if you don’t yet have one purchased), and using my link will give you a discount, too!

Netsonic is an amazing web host, who you can also get your domain through, or transferred over (if you already have a domain). They have amazing cloud storage and are especially great if you are ramping up your business and looking for a dedicated server, as opposed to a shared server solution.

Web Site Creation – you can get a free Web Site, hosted on If you buy your own domain, you can integrate it and still use as the host (free). This is a great option if you are just starting out and on a tight budget. – This option will require you to purchase your own domain and host (see Web Hosting, above), but allows for more customization. If you go this route immediately, there is a super simply WordPress plugin through Bluehost that simplifies things immediately. If you are converting from over to via Bluehost (or any other host), it will be a little bit more complex (but still doable on your own).


Webinar Jam is the tool I use for Web Seminars (webinars). There are several other options out there, but most are more costly and have about the same features. Webinar Jam sits at the front end of Google Hangouts, and allows you to schedule signups in advance, record your webinar, and make it publicly (or privately) available on YouTube. You can host both paid or free webinars, too! If you have seen one of my webinars, then you’ve seen Webinar Jam in action!


Wunderlist – this free program can be used on any platform (windows computer, iPhone, iPad, etc.), which is one of the reasons I love it. I use it for tracking my actionable tasks (associated with my most important goals), as well as grocery lists (and you can SHARE any list you want with whomever you want). I. Love. This. Tool. If you want an example of how I use it, you can read about it HERE.

Images – A site where you can pay or use free images, as long as you attribute the site name and image creator when you use the free version.


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