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4 Ways to Conquer Fear

Fear can be an amazingly powerful thing! It can be powerful enough to cripple your entire life, and for many, it has. It can bring grown adults to tears – and often does! But how do you stop the fear from getting the best of you? The only way I know is to tackle it HEAD ON. But don’t worry, when you’re on a journey to improve or enhance the beautiful you that you ALREADY are, there are several ways to throw fear right in our face, and then stomp through it like a champ. Why would you want to do that, you ask?

Well… there are several reasons, but the most significant one is that once you successfully pass through the hands of fear and come out on the other side, you feel CONFIDENT and ready to take on ANYTHING (like improving your life, for example – follow me?). Here are four ways you can tackle fear head-on, that seem incredibly silly (that’s the point, after all), but if you do them, you will prove what a rock you are and that NOTHING gets in your way when you have a mindset to be BETTER, to DO better. Period. So, check out each of these four options – you only need to do one, but if you want to put your fear conquering mode on overdrive, do them all!

  1. Take yourself out to eat. Sounds simple enough, but this option comes with rules. Because, on THIS date with yourself, you cannot use ANY “clutch” devices to hide behind – such as your smart phone, a book, or anything else. Just YOU, your wallet, and a restaurant.
  1. Take a backward elevator ride. You know how pretty much anyone who gets on an elevator, first walks in, then stops, and immediately turns around to face the door? Well, YOU are going to STAY facing the back during the ENTIRE elevator ride. The more crowded the elevator, the better, because it means really putting yourself out there! You’ll feel the discomfort not only in yourself, but also from those around you!
  1. Sing a song, WITH Lyrics (we’re not just talking about a quiet, low-key hum, here) in a public area while waiting in line. You don’t have to belt it out, either, but it does have to be loud enough for others to hear you if they are standing nearby. You’ll get funny looks, sure, but don’t stop – conquer your fear and just KEEP GOING.
  1. Take a picture with a complete stranger. AppSumo came up with this one, but I thought it was perfectly clever. You need to print out THIS SIGN, then walk up to a complete stranger and ask them to hold the sign and take a picture with you. You’ll probably be turned down a few times before someone comes around to agreeing to do this, but once they do, you will have proven to YOURSELF that you are a BEAST! The real deal! Don’t let yourself down – these are SUPPOSED to be challenging, otherwise the impact wouldn’t be great enough for you to overcome your fears!

Pick any one of the four things, then comment below which of the four you choose, and a quick summary of how it went!