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Rainy Day Activities for Kids – Part 1

Rainy Day Activities for the Kids - Foam Suds!

Rainy Day Activities for the Kids – Foam Suds!

Did I mention that today is actually amazingly sunny, there isn’t a single cloud in sight, and it’s a beautiful 70-something degrees outside? So, it does seem a bit silly to be writing about rainy day activities for kids when the weather is about as perfect as I could hope it would be – I know! But the truth is, today I’m just lazy, and I simply don’t feel like taking my kids outside. Before you judge me, realize that I’ve been sick the past two weeks, and today is the first day I am starting to get back to feeling “normal” again. So, instead of taking my kids outside like I probably should (insert guilty face here), I decided to give myself a bit of a break by coming up with some indoor activities. Still a win-win, see? I’m not such a bad person, really!

I know how mentally draining it can be to constantly be “creative” for your kids, but I’m going to share some super simple ideas with household items that kept my kiddos entertained for hours! Yes, HOURS (can I get an “Amen”?!). I’m going to roll them out to you in a series, so watch for the other parts as I gather up my images and write them all up for you to use!

Part 1: Rainy Day Activities for Kids = Making Foamy Suds. Here’s what you’ll need…

What you'll need (washable paint is optional - but makes it more fun!)

What you’ll need (washable paint is optional)

And to be more basic – the washable paint is optional, but.. if you DO use the paint, I’m warning you now to make sure it’s the washable kind! I’ve done my due diligence warning – the rest is all on you (smile)!

I probably don’t even need to tell you what to do next – this is THAT simple. Okay, just in case, I’ll tell you anyway! Simply dump the water and dish soap into the blender, and blend away until it forms into suds! If you want to add some color, add a dolop or two of the washable paint, then pour it into a small container for your kids to play! We made two distinct colors, placed them side-by-side and my youngest thought just rubbing his hands to feel it was pretty fun.


Almost looks edible, doesn’t it?

Once the kids were bored with “just the suds”, we added a bucket of “rinse water” and turned the suds into a car wash for their hot wheels (this could work for dolls, people toys, whatever!).

Car Wash

… At the Car Wash, Yeahhhhh!

Once the cars were all “washed”, we placed them on the towel to dry, and about an hour later my youngest son was already asking me “Mommy, when can we have another car wash”? SUCCESS!

Your turn! What else could I do with these suds? Share your ideas so we can help each other out and keep our kids, grand kids, and spouses (who are also just kids in grow ups bodies, no?) busy! And if you enjoyed this post, please share the love by sharing this post with others who might find it handy and helpful – or both. “Happy rainy day activities for kids” day – or in my case, lazy mom stays indoors day!